Mastering the Art of SQ Redemption with heymax

Japan is probably Singapore's most popular travel destination, but redeeming SQ Miles for direct flights is pricey, and availability is always a challenge. Let's look at how heymax, your Miles companion, can help you unlock unique, exciting journeys for fewer miles!

Ronak Banka

3/5/20244 min read

Singapore Airlines is the country's flagship carrier and is continuously rated as the best airline by Skytrax. As a Star Alliance member, SQ offers some of the most impressive routes around the Globe. This Blog will look at Redeeming miles for a particular travel destination.

Japan is a hot favorite among Singaporeans, with its irresistible mix of incredible, cutting-edge cities and profoundly traditional culture.

But, let's face it: using Singapore Airlines (SQ) KrisFlyer miles for direct flights there often feels like a game where the odds aren't in our favor. High mileage costs and the ever-elusive seat availability can be a real buzzkill. That's where heymax swoops in, your go-to buddy for miles wisdom, ready to unlock some seriously cool, less-trodden paths to Japan that won't burn your miles wallet.

We will first review how many Krisflyer miles you need, then explore alternatives to the same SQ flight for fewer miles :)

Understanding KrisFlyer Mileage Requirements

Singapore Airlines categorizes its award tickets into two main types: Saver Awards and Advantage Awards. Saver Awards are more mileage-efficient but have limited availability, while Advantage Awards are more readily available but require more miles.

Along with the above two categories, Krisflyer also releases the Spontaneous Escape Redemption offer, which adds another 30% discount on the saver redemption miles.

Let's look at how many miles you must travel to Japan if you book via the SQ Krisflyer Program. You can also check the same using the Krislfyer miles calculator.

We will compare for the route SIN-HND which is Haneda Airport in Tokyo

Who doesn't want to visit Japan during Sakura, known as Cherry Blossom so I looked at the Availability Calendar on the Singapore Airlines Website.

As expected, I was not super happy with the Result. No Business Class Seats were available for the whole month on SQ Krisflyer.

You don't have to limit yourselves when you can still fly on SQ by redeeming Miles on Partner Airlines? Let's explore some Partner Redemption options Available to fly on Singapore Airlines.

Air Canada - Aeroplan

WAIT!! WHAT? There is Singapore Airlines Business Class Redemption available on Air Canada? That too during the Peak Period in March. WOW!!

As Air Canada is part of Star Alliance, you can redeem Aeroplan miles to Book SQ flights. There are also some redemption seats for partner Airlines, so you can also get better availability instead of booking directly via Singapore Airlines.

United Airlines - MileagePlus

You can also Book SQ flights using the United Mileage Plus program. An Economy one-way flight costs 22k miles. The above travel is on 3 April, and for the same, you might have to pay almost 45,000 Krisflyer Miles.

Most Credit Cards in Singapore only allow transfer to few partners, but not partners like Air Canada, United MileagePlus or Alaska Airlines.

Introducing heymax!!

Now that you have signed up for heymax let's talk about what heymax is.

heymax is revolutionizing how you earn and redeem miles by offering innovative solutions to supersize your rewards. Their cutting-edge platform has made transferring miles to over 24 partner airlines and travel reward programs possible, giving you unparalleled flexibility and choice.

With heymax, you can unlock a world of possibilities and maximize the value of your miles, opening up a whole new realm of travel experiences.

You can Earn Max Miles on Hundreds of Merchants and even get Instant miles by purchasing vouchers, which you can transfer to Frequent Flyer programs like Air Canada, United, etc.

heymax has two transfer categories: Direct Transfer Partners and cash-for-miles transfer partners.

  • Direct Transfer Partners allows you to transfer as low as 1000 miles to 13 Frequent Flyer Programs Instantly.

  • Cash for Miles Partner transfer requires at least 10,000 miles.

Some of the Unique Features of heymax Miles:

  • Max Miles has no expiry 🎉🙌

  • 1:1 transfer ratio

  • No Transfer fees

Before Moving forward Signup for heymax HERE

Some of the amazing Number of Miles which I have earned on heymax, that's almost 10,000 Max miles, just by using the Platform.

So, what are you waiting for?? Go and Signup for heymax and Plan your Dream Vacation without Burning your wallet.

Bonus Tip: To Earn the first 1000 Max Miles, you just have to do three transactions, which can be as small as buying 3 Grab vouchers.

The Next Blog in the heymax Series will share more about other airline partners you can use to Travel to Japan.

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