Beyond KrisFlyer: Unveiling Japan with Ultimate Miles Redemption Guide

Embark on an unforgettable journey to the Land of the Rising Sun with This blog will look beyond the usual Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer program. We will explore a variety of miles redemption options that are possible only because of


Ronak Banka

3/8/20245 min read

Traveling to Japan, a land where ancient traditions blend seamlessly with futuristic innovations, is an experience like no other. But what if you could elevate this adventure by maximizing your travel miles?

In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the art of leveraging miles redemption options beyond the well-known Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer program to unlock a world of exclusive experiences in Japan.

If you are still looking to book seats on SQ with Max miles from, check out the first Blog in this series here.

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How max miles work?

Users can accumulate Max Miles in addition to their existing credit card rewards when purchasing through the website or app. They can also accumulate miles by buying vouchers from for merchants like Amazon, Grab, NTUC fairprice, etc.

These Max Miles can then be transferred to over 24 airline or hotel loyalty programs at a 1:1 conversion rate without fees or expiration dates. Additionally, Max Miles can be redeemed for gift cards from top merchants. has two transfer categories: Direct Transfer Partners and cash-for-miles transfer partners.

  • Direct Transfer Partners allows you to transfer as low as 1000 miles to 13 Frequent Flyer Programs Instantly.

  • Cash for Miles Partner transfer requires at least 10,000 miles. has more than 24 miles transfer partners; let's look at some partners that can unlock fantastic deals for Japan!!

  • American Airlines' Advantage program: Part of the Oneworld alliance.

  • Alaska Airlines' Mileage Plan: Member of the Oneworld alliance.

  • Avianca's LifeMiles: Part of the Star Alliance network.

  • United Airlines MileagePlus: Part of Star Alliance Network

  • Japan Airlines JAL Mileage Bank: A key member of the Oneworld alliance

We will search miles redemption options across all three seat classes (Economy, Premium Economy, and Business) and the best redemption program when transferring from

But first, let's take a look at how many miles you need to redeem different classes on Singapore Airlines. miles transfer partners
Singapore Airlines Krisflyer Redemption Chart

Singapore Airlines categorizes its award tickets into two main types: Saver Awards and Advantage Awards. Saver Awards are more mileage-efficient but have limited availability, while Advantage Awards are more readily available but require more miles.

Along with the above two categories, Krisflyer also releases the Spontaneous Escape Redemption offer, which adds another 30% discount on the saver redemption miles.

Look at how many miles you must travel to Japan if you book via the SQ Krisflyer Program. You can also check it using the Krislfyer miles calculator.

Time to explore what Max miles from can unlock for you, starting with Business Class redemptions.

Best Business Class Redemptions

Imagine flying Business Class from Singapore to Tokyo for as low as 30K miles! While the typical redemption through Singapore Airlines might set you back 45-70K miles, depending on your booking partner, an Aeroplan booking could see you spending just 45k miles compared to a KrisFlyer Saver award at 52K miles. But there's a world beyond SQ where your dream trip to Japan could become even more affordable.

Let's dive into some tantalizing alternatives that can take you there for even less!

1. JAL via American Airlines

Now, what does that mean? We are booking Japan Airlines flights via the American Airlines Miles program. American Airlines and JAL are part of Oneworld Alliance so that we can book JAL via Alliance partner airlines.

Booking JAL via American Airlines miles will cost you(Jaw Dropping) 30k miles one way and $48.5 in taxes, almost 30% less miles than Air Canada redemption.

2. Star Alliance Airlines via Avianca lifemiles

An equally good option is to book Star Alliance Flights using Avianca Lifemiles. As a Star Alliance member, you can book flights on ANA, Thai Airways, etc. Lifemiles offers one-way Business class redemption for 36K lifemiles and $48.5 in taxes. This is not as amazing as the AA redemption above, but it is still better than Aeroplan or SQ Krisflyer.

Best Premium Economy Redemption

Did you know that you can secure a Premium Economy seat from Singapore to Tokyo for just 25K miles??

JAL via American Airlines

Experience unparalleled comfort and value on your journey to Japan with Japan Airlines (JAL) Premium Economy service on the Singapore to Tokyo route. In addition to the remarkable opportunity of booking a PE Class seat for just 25K miles using American Airlines miles

The same flight can also be redeemed using Alaska Airlines Miles, but it costs 10,000 miles more at 35,000 miles. So, always book via AA.

Best Economy Redemption

If you haven't accumulated enough miles for a business or PE redemption, don't worry. Multiple options exist for redeeming economy seats without burning your miles wallet and traveling to your dream destination, Japan.

2. ANA via Avianca Lifemiles
1. Cathay Pacific via Alaska Mileage Plan

This is the best option if you don't mind taking a one-stop flight. When booked via Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan, you can Fly with Cathay Pacific for just 12,500 miles and a mere $77 in taxes. This is the best offer for going to Japan.

Fly with ANA (All Nippon Airways) for 19,000 miles and a mere $48 in taxes when booked via Avianca Lifemiles. A non-stop flight to Japan from Singapore cannot get better than this.

The same flight can also be redeemed using United MileagePlus, but it costs 22,000 miles and the same amount of taxes. So, better to book via Avianca lifemiles

3. JAL via American Airlines

If you are fond of Japan Airlines, instead of ANA, you can Book Japan Airlines using the American Airlines miles program, which is an equally good option. You can redeem an economy seat for 20,000 miles and a tax of $48.5(equal to Avianca redemption).

I am keeping the research limited to this blog's top 3 redemption options. For more personalized recommendations, contact me on Instagram @travelhackingguru.

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